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Our vision is to be the organization that keeps customers experience ahead of profits, and we live that vision every day, in everything we do. It isn’t confined to a poster on the break-room wall. It’s evident in every decision, interaction and task we complete. You’ll hear it in our conversations with you, you’ll see it in the service we deliver to you, and – if we’re lucky enough to welcome you to visit us at our offices – you’ll experience it in our hallways.

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is Elevating Stakeholder Experience, holistically of all “players” in the value chain, across all strata of consumers.

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Be one of the Key players in Digital commerce space with significant market share, continuously re-imagining the customer journey for convenience, comfort and quality, shape ourselves as one-stop shop for all the needs of B2C customers servicing through a digital hypermarket, at the same time balancing the needs of all stakeholders in the value-chain.

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eleplace’s goal is to be that organization delivering the customer journey thru a team of happy employees, who care and want to make a difference for you, who believe in the power of teamwork, who are filled with passion and energy and have fun each day, by providing the highest quality of service to you. Our Customers, vendors, business partners and employees are our extended families all driving towards one direction, because of our passion towards YOU. We promise to deliver only DELIGHT!

We live in a world of multiplicity- multiple colors, creed, preferences, economic classes, privileges & personalities. This planet “Mother earth” unites us all with one chain called “HUMANS”. Despite the assortment of character & contours, one aspirational goal every human dreams of is “improving his/her life’s comfort”. This aspirational hunger in every human, gave us all gadgets we enjoy today- starting from currency to Wheel to machines to Internet to Cloud to e-commerce.

As Industry revolutions progressed from 1.0 to 4.0 versions, a common outcome of all these revolutions meant one thing- Make human life “comfortable” and deliver more & more convenience.

This innate pursuit of humans for comfort & convenience is the genesis of our brand “elePlace”. Money or No Money, Urban or Semi-Urban, White or Colored, South or North, Partners or Customers, without bias, we are on a mission to elevate the experience to everyone we deal and in everything we do.

We resolve to be that platform where our partners and customers alike, enjoy the experience with us.

Our Values

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We believe in utmost and highest standards of INTEGRITY in every action and transaction of ours. Our firm advocates standing up for righteousness irrespective of wether, it is one cent or one billion dollars. Quantum doesn’t matter, ethics do.

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Elevating our stakeholders experience in everything we do, it is our core mission. This experience gets enriched and true when every detail we transact with every stakeholder, the good, bad and ugly is TRANSPERENTLY shared with them. This we believe builds harmonious and ever lasting relationships.

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Albert Einstein once said: “The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance”. There is no achievement in this world, there is no peak tall enough that people conquering of which can feel pride and arrogant. We live this statement, HUMILITY is just not our virtue but a way of life for us in “eleplace”.

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There is a marginal difference between Innovation and Perfection. Innovation leads to “newer” ways of living while perfection “betters” ways of living. Perfection also needs innovation. Innovations get true value when perfectionists work on innovative products. Perfections are driven by maverick attitude to achieve something better and we are driven by this PASSION of perfectionists. We are passionate about perfecting the art of elevating the experience of everyone we serve, whatever it takes.

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This is age of Artificial Intelligence- Industrial revolution 4.0 and one of the key traits of this era is the pace of change. What was good last Year is wiped out next year and same is with stakeholder expectations. Yesterday is out dated, Today is different and Tomorrow is unpredictable. This age can be serviced only by people who are fast and can adapt swiftly to changing needs. We value the need of being agile and have built our operating model to run for AGILITY.

What we do?

Delivering an all-new Moving Experience
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Bringing the elegance of nature to your doorstep thru our packages
Bringing a whole new flying and stay experience
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Redefining the way travel happens today
Relo by ele, our promise to bring home comfort
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Helping corporates create customized relocation policies

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