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IT asset relocation India

High Quality IT Relocation Services

Asset Relocation Services

Transferring your IT asset is a delicate operation that requires a long and complex preparation by the IT department. To carry out this mission several steps are to be taken into account, such as inventory, transport, reinstallation of equipment, time, cost… All this and much more are essential tasks for the successful conduct of your IT move. Let’s take a closer look at the key steps involved in moving IT equipment.

We at eleplace™ understand that even a small computer contains plenty of vital information and requires to be moved with extra care. Our team of professional movers who are expert at handling small laptops to huge servers with utmost care understand the importance of this move for you. Our partners provide customized moving services that are flexible to meet your requirements.

Our partners come with in depth experience & knowledge of this task ensuring complete care of the computers and servers by packing them with specialized packaging techniques in computer boxes & crates avoiding chances of any damage during transport. Thus having understanding of transporting computer equipment needs explicit knowledge.

We at eleplace™ follow the below protocol while transferring your assets.

  • Packaging of assets and Good Quality Packing of assets
  • Handling with efficiency while loading/unloading tools,
  • Ensuring no last minute surprises so packing all parts separately and well enough tagging the parts to the main asset
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Benefits of Hiring Moving Companies

Cost Effective

Moving companies come with experience and balanced networking with various partners ensuring the move costs less in terms of money as well as time compared to by doing IT Office Relocation by themselves.

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IT Assets come with a lot of complexities and it is important that these Asset Relocation undergo full thinking of the process and the right process for the move. Professional Packers and movers ensure this is delivered .

Quality Packing

Buying expensive packing material is a must while shifting and most of us are not perfect at packing too. So, we are best at providing experienced IT Relocation Packers who packs all the equipment with their own materials at low costs itself.

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We are listed as Top-Rated Moving Companies in India. We at eleplace™ offer insurance for all the moves. IT assets are a very critical part of any organisation and we understand the same.

Easy & Fast Moving

Our IT Asset Relocation packers and movers make your move fast and easy with most effective moving techniques, as they use special equipment for loading and unloading the computer hardware and servers safely.

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Right Partners

Hiring the right partner is most important , eleplace™ provides a wide choice to their customers to ensure the right partner onboarding.

IT Office Relocation Services

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Analysis &

packaging box

Right Packing Material

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Loading / Unloading Methodologies

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express delivery



vehicle transportation

Inventory all computer equipment and label it

You can also take a photo of the layout of the equipment to reproduce the same layout on the new site and minimize disruption to employees.

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Test the material

in fact it is useless to transport a defective material Waste of time.

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Make a backup of your workstation data

on the cloud or on a hard disk or, on a USB key, at your convenience, however if on the contrary you want to take advantage of it to do a quick cleaning, it does not hurt either. Ensure the security of your data, your move must not leave any weakness that could affect you. To do this, I advise you to code the different stages with a level of security, so you will know which stages of the move are the most risky and you can entrust the appropriate team with this mission.

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Our Goal

Disconnect and unplug all your equipment, don’t forget to leave the cables with the stations (this will save you time during installation).


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