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Reverse Pickups

Any asset from your employees that needs to be picked and brought to you, will be executed with utmost care.
We are known as Full-Services moving companies in India.

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Reverse Pickup and Drop Services

Reverse pickup is nothing but a normal pickup but from your customers end. In a reverse pickup your customer will send you the consignment from his end.

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Pickup Services

A user creates a Reverse Pick-up for the items which are returned by a customer. The customer return is handled by Market-places or by vendors depending upon from where the order originated.We have a technology set up to drive this with our customers.Just create a "Put away Direct returns"to handle a case where the items are returned from the marketplace.

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Reverse Pickup or "DTO"(deliver to origin)

Domestic reverse pickup service is required by any one like students, hospitals, businessmen, and retail store owners etc. This service is not much different from the normal pickup.

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Insurance for your goods!

Insurance Coverage is the need of the hour while moving. Choosing the best services, and the best company in terms of Packing and Moving is not the only thing to do; you have to take care of the insurance and all the relevant formalities associated with it before moving. Certain factors are beyond control such as Accidents, Sabotage, Fire, etc in such cases the loss and damage caused by these factors can be huge and can give you hard time. Thus Insurance is a must for safe and secured relocation.

How to Choose Best Packers and Movers in Your City?

Insurance is of prime importance while moving as there are various hidden benefits so that you can avail yourself of a hassle-free relocation. eleplace™ believes in satisfying our customers from each corner. And we understand that Packing Moving insurance of goods is all-important for the satisfaction of customers. So we cater to our clients with Insurance Coverage for all Packing Moving items to be relocated.

Our team is dedicated to giving their customers complete satisfaction on their relocation and they always take extreme care of goods while packing, moving, loading, unloading, transportation, and unpacking to avoid damages. But in case of any natural calamity or unfortunate incident, customers may have to face damages to their goods. So to avoid such issues eleplace™ provide moving insurance services to give customers complete satisfaction.

Technicalities Associated with Insurance Coverage!

To choose the hassle-free services, always try and avail the insurance provided by professional Packers and Movers. It is important to recover money whether in case of Household Coverage or Car and Rental Insurance Coverage and elepalce™ offer that with great commitment. In the case of Transit Insurance, the Insurance Amount can only be recovered in case of Accidents or Lost.

The Two Types of Moving Insurances

There are two types of Moving insurance. First is Transit Insurance where the premium comes to approximately 1.09% of the declared value. The terms and conditions associated with Insurance and its recovery can be a tricky task, as the insurance company is only liable to pay the claimed amount in case of severe mishaps.

Second one is Comprehensive Insurance where the premium amount is round off to approx 3%. Here the insurance company is liable to pay the amount in case of damages and not scratches. In the case of delicate items additional premium is charged and specified, this stands to be the best Insurance Cover. However, the final choice is yours.