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Relocating for work is an exciting and rewarding adventure and a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. Only the best can relocate you with ease.

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women very happy wih the eleplace relacation management
woman very happy wih the eleplace relacation management


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Whether you’re moving with a couple of suitcases or a truck full of boxes, relocating is a process to be managed well making moving a lot less stressful. We understand the sensivity attached to being able to move you.

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The Impact of Safety Concerns on Women’s Mobility

elePLACE . However, goes that extra mile for every women out there. Our understanding of the motivations of our women relocators remains somewhat limited, especially given their loss of personal, professional, and social resources during the relocation. We understand gender ideologies weave with the decision to relocate, and how women’s considerations and preferences are taken into account during this process.

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Job-related relocations become increasingly common among highly skilled families About 90% of all expatriates, employees accepting an international assignment, are accompanied by their relationship partner, or the “trailing spouse” resulting in a simultaneous impact in residential, work, and family domains for all the family members . For dual-career couples, the decision to relocate entails new tasks and responsibilities which in turn give rise to feelings of imbalance and injustice . We at elePLACE totally understand this sacrifice and gesture of each women relocator of ours.

Our ladies , the spouse plays a key role during relocation in terms of willingness to go, assignment completion and move adjustment . Mainly, the spouse’s dissatisfaction is usually thereason for premature termination of relocation contracts and having witnessed a lot relocations for our women we exactly know WHAT WOMEN WANT !

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We are adapting ways of working to the ever changing work scenario to get you moving as efficiently, and safely as possible
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Being far from friends, family, and a familiar culture can be emotionally hard, and a big move inevitably puts stress.

Within City Reasonable moves

While such costs are difficult to measure, at elePLACE we stand by every lady to ensure a stress-free move

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eleplace move your goods and products used within households with esteemed care
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Global and Domestic moving with ease is something we do almost every day

Relocation Partners

We work with a lot of partners closely for brining in an entire evolved product to make your move complete . We are a hybrid business model where by we use our own vehicles and inventory and also make use of available inventory.



We provide technology to give you visibility of information and access to data to help you analyse your costs, forecast your expenditure and plan future policy.


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elePLACE is passionate about creating a culture that delivers excellence at every stage of relocation. We know that every move is different and we know how stressful moving home can be. Our highest priority is to minimise anxiety through careful planning and expert service at every step.


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We are committed to delivering a high quality, local service. Through our national operational network we provide removals and storage services to customers, clients and their employees across the country.