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Ele House, Andheri Kurla Road,
Andheri (East), Mumbai


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House Moving

House Moving

eleplace™ has been offering hassle free house relocation services and are committed to delivering the highest quality service at all times.

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Office Relocation

Office Relocation

We help you move your office with professional packers and movers and help you with secure storage facilities in case you would like to vacate your office

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Asset Relocation

Asset Relocation

We support your business with professional packers and movers for moving your assets. We support secure storage services for these assets as well. We engage with employee asset relocation

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We help you with secure storage services for your office assets, household items for longer duration whenever you may have to travel international or domestic.

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Reverse Pickups

Reverse Pickups

Any asset from your employees that needs to be picked and brought to you, will be executed with utmost care through Top Packers and Movers In India.

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Vehicle Move

Vehicle Move

Most Vehicles in India are bought on those special days, and most of us own them as a family member.eleplace™ provides hassle free vehicle relocation.

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Our Values

eleplace values


We believe in utmost and highest standards of INTEGRITY in every action and transaction of ours. Our firm advocates standing up for righteousness irrespective of wether, it is one cent or one billion dollars. Quantum doesn’t matter, ethics do.

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Elevating our stakeholders experience in everything we do, it is our core mission. This experience gets enriched and true when every detail we transact with every stakeholder, the good, bad and ugly is TRANSPERENTLY shared with them. This we believe builds harmonious and ever lasting relationships.

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Albert Einstein once said: “The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance”. There is no achievement in this world, there is no peak tall enough that people conquering of which can feel pride and arrogant. We live this statement, HUMILITY is just not our virtue but a way of life for us in “eleplace”.

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There is a marginal difference between Innovation and Perfection. Innovation leads to “newer” ways of living while perfection “betters” ways of living. Perfection also needs innovation. Innovations get true value when perfectionists work on innovative products. Perfections are driven by maverick attitude to achieve something better and we are driven by this PASSION of perfectionists. We are passionate about perfecting the art of elevating the experience of everyone we serve, whatever it takes.

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This is age of Artificial Intelligence- Industrial revolution 4.0 and one of the key traits of this era is the pace of change. What was good last Year is wiped out next year and same is with stakeholder expectations. Yesterday is out dated, Today is different and Tomorrow is unpredictable. This age can be serviced only by people who are fast and can adapt swiftly to changing needs. We value the need of being agile and have built our operating model to run for AGILITY.