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Long Distance Moving Quotes

Relocation to a new city is a challenging and cumbersom process, use relocation guides.

If you have plans to move, make sure you take all the necessary steps to ease out the entire process.

Make sure you hire experienced and professional packers& movers who have the desired expertise in relocating services, hence use relocation guides.

There are certain things that you must communicate clearly to your mover, while your estimate is being prepared. These include:

  • Origin address, from where the movers will pack and load your belongings.
  • Destination address in India, where movers will unload your belongings.
  • Volume or weight of your stuff
  • Types of packing material needed.
  • Nature of the services
  • Terms and conditions
  • Insurance damage
  • Prices and payment plans

Making an inventory

One of the most daunting tasks when relocating is the preparation of your list of belongings. You will have to take out time to prepare an exhaustive list of all the items and belongings that are to be sent through movers and packers. This list will help you prepare a value statement that will determine the compensation amount in case of any loss or damage of the listed item. This value statement must clearly state the overall value of your property so that the removal company also sets the estimated value of the goods in transit.

Carefully read all the terms and conditions of your contract with the removal company to ensure that you fully understand all the details regarding your move.

Damage Insurance

In most cases, the moving companies offer an insurance facility to cover any damage caused to your goods during the transit process. They usually offer inclusive insurance that guarantees against any damage occurring while packing, loading, transporting, or unloading. The damage cover amounts to the value estimated according to the declaration of value. The removal company must issue a certificate of insurance in any case.

Payment plans

Payment plans should be clearly discussed with the removal company before going ahead with the process.In most cases, the customer is required to pay a certain deposit amount to the carrier company before the loading.The remaining balance is then paid once the delivery is done to the point of destination.


Finally, you will have to sign the waybill before loading and after the delivery of your goods.The waybill is a document issued by the carrier company specifying details like names of the customer and the carrier, place of pick up and destination, route of transit, terms and conditions of the contract, mode of transportation, volume or weight carried by the removal company and other related details. Signing the waybill indicates that you agree to the stated terms and conditions and give permission to the removal company to proceed.
All the custom papers and other formalities related to transfer of goods is generally handled by the ‘movers & packers’ company.

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