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Packers and movers is one of the most valued relocation service providing comfort to households in India. In addition to providing home and office relocation services they also have provision for transportation services. What is important is to find easily the most dependable transportation service providers in India. So that you assured of not only safe transportation but also timely delivery at the right place of your valuables.

eleplace™ provides a hassle free experience of moving your valuable items to your destination. We have a list of various services which could be required while vehicle relocation services for our customers to choose from.

At eleplace™ we help you to get connected with the leading moving companies near you for vehicle transportation, among them you can choose the best suitable company that fits your needs.

Car Transport Services

Most Vehicles in India are bought on those special days, and most of us own them as a family member. It is very seldom that we dispose our favorite vehicle when we are moving to another home. When the family moves so does your vehicle.

We understand this emotion and have ensured the best way to relocating your vehicle. We are one of Best Long Distance Moving Companies in India. Our expert team walks miles to ensure that your vehicle reaches your new city of residence safely so that you can continue to enjoy driving it for the years to come.

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Thorough Planning - Car Shifting Services

Your two wheeler can easily be transported in a carrier along with your other belongings, while we have a different plan for transporting your four wheeler. Depending on the size and available options , we use a specialized vehicle carrier to transport it. Some cities have restrictions for carriers to enter city limits. We transport the same until the borders and drive the vehicle to your door step. In these cases if door to door delivery is opted, an authorized expert driver is assigned for the delivery.

Proper Packing & Car Relocation Services

Proper packing is very important to avoid any kind of damages to the vehicle during the shift. Two wheelers are packed immaculately to ensure that no protruding surface comes to contact with anything directly. A four wheeler will be secured and fastened properly with proper safety equipment, so that it does not move inside the carrier, causing damage to itself and the other cars being transported. Our experts will protect your vehicle properly so that it reaches the destination intact.

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Temporary Storage

If you are travelling anywhere outside India for a short project, and want us to take care of your vehicle till you return, then we can provide you with warehousing facility for your car. We will cover your vehicle properly and keep it safe during your stay abroad.

Hassle Free Relocation Services - Relocation Vehicles

Best Vehicle Move Services in India

At eleplace we help you to get connected with the leading moving companies near you, among them you can choose the best suitable company that fits your needs.

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